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About House of Bloom Florals

Established in January 2023

At House of Bloom Florals, we're proud to offer you the expertise of our owner, Wendy, who established our shop in January 2023. Wendy is an experienced and certified floral designer, having earned certifications from both the Floral Design Institute and the American Institute of Floral Designers . She has a natural talent for floral design and is passionate about dahlias, which have won her First Place awards two consecutive years from the Dahlias Association. Wendy's award-winning dahlias are a centerpiece to some of our stunning floral arrangements, which feature a range of carefully selected blooms to create truly unique and beautiful displays. 

At House of Blooms Florals, we strongly emphasize community outreach. We're proud to give back to the Oswego community through initiatives such as Santa for Senior Citizens and providing flowers for the local church. We believe supporting our community is important because it has supported us. We're also passionate about sharing our knowledge and expertise with others. That's why we offer seasonal workshops for floral design. Our workshops cover various topics, from basic floral design concepts to advanced techniques. Recently, we've hosted workshops such as:

  1. Fall Wreath-Making Workshop
  2. Fairy Gardens for Kids Workshop 
  3. Holiday Centerpiece Workshop 

Our workshops are an excellent way for people to learn a new skill or improve their existing skills. We're always excited to share our love of floral design with others!  

Our versatile floral arrangements are perfect for any occasion, whether a simple day-to-day event or a grand celebration. Let us create stunning displays with flowers that will leave a lasting impression.

Some of our gorgeous dahlias :